Edinburgh's Chihuahua Cafe!

Do you dream of a place where you can relax, eat cake, and be surrounded by cuddly, little, adorable dogs? Such a place does exist!

The concept of animal cafes originated in Southeast Asia and has been a growing market in recent years. Cat cafes appeared first, and now there a few dog cafes in various places around the globe. My family had the pleasure of visiting Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe in July 2018 and can't wait to return the next time we visit Scotland!

The idea is simple - you make a reservation (typically a one-hour reservation), pay your fee, then at the designated time, you arrive, go over the important interaction guidelines with a member of the staff, and then provide your lap for cuddles! Before you sit down, you need to leave your things in the cubbies by the door.

If you would like to order cake and a beverage (tea, coffee, water, or gourmet lemonade) to enjoy while you are visiting, you can choose to pay a little extra for that. The tea, coffee, and cakes were delicious!

You may think that the dogs would beg for cake, but they didn't! We got to feed them tiny treats before we ate our not-so-tiny treats, so that helped, of course. (Look at the tongue)!

For our visit, I made the reservation online one week before our arrival. We chose our time, and paid 10 GBP per person. Since it was our dog-loving daughter's birthday celebration, we opted to pay 5 GBP to each enjoy cake and a drink. We also paid for and arranged for a gift bag for her, with a lovely card signed by the dogs, and a mug filled with some goodies (key chain and magnet).

We really wouldn't have needed the gift bag to make her day - just look at her face!

The eight dogs at Edinburgh's Chihuahua's Cafe are very well-trained, as they have all been raised by their owner since they were pups. All are female, and they get along quite well! They know their daily routine, and are very happy, polite, and darling.

They all have their own, distinct personalities and are very funny.

This is artwork by a frequent visitor detailing the dogs and their personalities. We love it!

Guests are instructed to sit back with a welcoming posture and let the dogs decide who to visit. At no time are guests permitted to pick up the dogs. We each held every dog at least once (Pet ALL THE DOGS!), and we each ended up with a favorite!

If the dogs need some space, they can retreat to one of their comfy beds, like Lady Bee decided to do.

The two dogs with bowties are the shyest dogs and need a little space (and no eye contact). Even still, they warmed right up and Duchess spent lots of time allowing me to give her belly rubs!

We were impressed that at the end of our visit, the dogs all came when called and headed into a separate room! This is so none of the dogs decide to sneak outside on the busy street, or go home with any of their visitors!

I highly recommend a visit if you are missing your dog while traveling in Scotland, or just plain love dogs! It's a unique experience and very memorable. The Chihuahua Cafe is on Facebook here, if you wish to see some crazy adorable videos of the dogs!

Kudos to the entire staff - it's clear you adore your job and the dogs. Thank you for sharing them with us!


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