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All Four Disneyworld Parks In One Day!

This is a blog post written by the biggest Disney fan I know -- my youngest daughter, Lucy Hess. Lucy's longtime goal is to work at Walt Disney World, and she will be applying for the Disney College Program later this year.  Should you desire assistance with planning your own Disney vacation, please contact our Disney experts at Outside the Lines Travel.

Walt Disney World is so massive, it may seem impossible to do it all in a week. Well… try doing it all in a day! My mom and I wanted to try to hit all 4 theme parks in one day, and though it turned out to be easier than we had thought, it didn’t happen without careful planning. The rules of the “4 Park Challenge” (as we called it) were this: eat/drink something in each park, and ride at least two attractions per park.

The first thing we did to prepare for our adventure was to figure out in what order we would visit the parks and then find the most efficient measures of getting from place to place. For us, we decided on visiting An…

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