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North Country Brew Pub!

Because North Country Firehouse Red is my favorite beer, and because I love a good road trip, one Friday evening about two weeks ago, my husband and I ventured 45 minutes north to the little town of Slippery Rock for our first visit to North Country Brew Pub.

It's a quirky and fun place to spend an evening. Just look at the decor! I especially love the handcrafted wooden tables.

We enjoyed dinner on the back patio, and had we done our research and realized that the patio was dog-friendly, we would've brought our pup. Service was fantastic. Kid and dog-friendly!

The bread in a flowerpot with honey butter... mmmmm....

However, maybe it's good that we didn't bring our pup, because after dinner, we popped inside to the bar to enjoy some tasty local spirits and some terrific local live music by McKeg & Decola. We stayed awhile because the music was fantastic and not too loud - we could actually talk to each other at a normal volume!

I was pleased to see that Saxon was …

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