Shy Bear Brewing - in my hometown!

My hometown, Lewistown, in Central Pennsylvania, is an incredibly beautiful place. Located in Amish country, right in the heart of the Seven Mountains, it is a relaxing place that I love to visit. When I'm there, I enjoy the slower pace of life, but I do miss a few of the things that I take for granted by living in the awesome city of Pittsburgh. One of those things is craft beer. However, a little gem has recently made its home literally just over the ridge from my childhood home - Shy Bear Brewing.

This past weekend, my husband, our oldest daughter, and I went to check out Shy Bear on a Saturday afternoon. It was scorching hot that day, so the beautiful and welcoming patio was empty. I was happy because it meant I got to take some great pictures.

Inside, it was nice and cool, as well as pleasantly busy!

We sat at the bar and with so many options, I had a hard time deciding what to try, so I chose three different "cubs" (6.75 oz) of ales, and my husband had a pint of the Hannah (Kolsch). Our daughter, who is 20, enjoyed their homemade root "bear" - infused with honey and vanilla. I had a sip and it was delicious! We know one of the owners, and she was kind enough to give us a tour of the facilities and explained the brewing process to us. After that, even though we weren't hungry, we decided to try the poutine. We had been watching the food come out of the kitchen, and it looked too yummy to resist! Hand cut fries, bone broth gravy, smoked cooper Amish cheese curds, crispy pork belly and parsley. We inhaled it in about five minutes - it was incredible!

These food options can't be found anywhere else in Lewistown, and they are certainly a welcome addition!

After we ate, we wandered around a bit and looked at their swag. Their logo is seriously one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

We put a pin in the giant map on the wall and took some time to see where their other visitors have been from. It's a pretty impressive display, since they've only been open for 3 months!

Here's a closer look at their local wine offerings, their homemade sodas, and their current draft list.

After sampling a few more beers, we headed back outside to look around. They were grilling corn for their dinner special, and the band was starting to set up for the evening's entertainment.

Of course, we decided that we had to take their best seller home with us - Flamingo Pillows - a hazy pink guava IPA.  It didn't last one day once we were back in Pittsburgh!  

I look forward to our next trip there, and for our local Central PA friends - go visit for lunch or dinner. It's kid and dog-friendly(!), as well as trendy and creative enough for an adult date night. It's safe to say that the snob within my small-town heart has been satisfied! Prost!


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