North Country Brew Pub!

Because North Country Firehouse Red is my favorite beer, and because I love a good road trip, one Friday evening about two weeks ago, my husband and I ventured 45 minutes north to the little town of Slippery Rock for our first visit to North Country Brew Pub.

It's a quirky and fun place to spend an evening. Just look at the decor! I especially love the handcrafted wooden tables.

We enjoyed dinner on the back patio, and had we done our research and realized that the patio was dog-friendly, we would've brought our pup. Service was fantastic. Kid and dog-friendly!

The bread in a flowerpot with honey butter... mmmmm....

However, maybe it's good that we didn't bring our pup, because after dinner, we popped inside to the bar to enjoy some tasty local spirits and some terrific local live music by McKeg & Decola. We stayed awhile because the music was fantastic and not too loud - we could actually talk to each other at a normal volume!

I was pleased to see that Saxon was bartending (we used to teach at the same school), because she is fabulous and it was nice to know someone who knows lots about the entire North Country Brewing Company. She made some great spirit/dessert beer recommendations, and had us try the housemade root beer. It was delicious!

Before we left, since I'm nebby and love to explore, I went upstairs to look around. They had just closed the upstairs bar and section, but the upstairs bartender welcomed me and told me to feel free to look around. Oh the charm - so much to see!

Perhaps my favorite part of the property (other than the beer), was the women's restroom.

This lock in the stall!!! Best thing ever:

The door to the women's room:

The door handle on the back of that beautiful door:

My husband was kind enough to get a picture of the keg urinal in the men's room for me:

For those of you curious about the food - they have everything from burgers to baked fish, and some very unique choices that you won't find anywhere else! We loved the Backwoods Country Dip.

Their menu is HERE.

For you dog-lovers, every Friday at the North Country Tap Room (111 Arrowhead Drive, Slippery Rock, PA 16057), right down the road from the Brew Pub, they have Yappy Hour from 3-7p. Bring your dog with you and enjoy and food and drink specials on the outdoor patio! $3 drafts with a limited menu.

I highly recommend a visit if you are in the area, or if you are up for a road trip, enjoy quirky old homes (and craft beer)!

Music lovers: for those wondering about McKeg & Decola, they don't have a social media presence, but here is a LINK to them performing at the Harmony Inn (a property owned by North Country) in 2016. They have a great sound and a terrific book of repertoire.


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