Things I love about Bermuda!

Last October, I was fortunate to spend some time in Bermuda. I was with my husband for a few days, then for a Family Travel Summit, and then I stayed a bit longer as a guest of the Bermuda Tourism Authority. It was the best leisure and educational trip I have ever been on, and while I was there,  I not only learned more about what I love - family travel - but I also fell in love with this tiny (21 square miles!) country.

When people think about Bermuda, typically, they think about the Bermuda Triangle. Ironically, Bermuda is not IN the Bermuda Triangle - it is the very northeastern tip of the triangle.

Bermuda is NOT part of the Caribbean islands; it is an island in the North Atlantic, a British Overseas Territory, but administered independently as a country. Bermuda is further north than you may think - Cape Hatteras, North Carolina is 665 miles due west of Bermuda. I love that you can get to Bermuda in about 2 hours from most airports on the east coast. The country is a string of 138 islands and tiny islets, out of which some 20 are inhabited and seven are joined by bridges and causeways to the main island.

You can visit Bermuda by cruise ship and enjoy a few days on the island while the ship is in port. The Disney Magic was in town for a few days while I was there. I had clients do this in mid-October this year and they had a remarkable time! This was the view from my balcony at the Fairmont Southampton.

In my opinion, Bermuda deserves its own land stay. The island is very dense and full of things to do! Sampling rum, world class golf, hiking, history tours, cave exploring, water sports, shopping, amazing restaurants, several museums, art galleries, boating, visiting the zoo and aquarium, and zipping around on a scooter or a Twizy car to explore the island.

I was feeling hesitant to write this post, as I wanted to keep Bermuda all to myself. However, I have decided to stop being selfish and share photos of the things I love best about Bermuda!

They are breathtaking, and yes, you do find pink sand there, depending on the weather out at sea and how the sand is washing ashore. Pink sand is caused by tiny red organisms that grow beneath the coral reefs just off the shore. When they die and fall to the ocean floor, the organisms mingle with bits of coral and crushed shell that are washed onto the beach and make the sand appear pink!

The ever-changing skies and the constantly Bermudaful Blue water:

Fish Stew (topped with Goslings rum), Dark-n-Stomys, and Rum Swizzles:

Exploring and swimming in caves:

Dinner in a lighthouse:

Twizy cars and scooters:

Buses and Ferries:

The Royal Naval Dockyard:

Museums, Art galleries, and the zoo/aquarium:

 History, The Unfinished Church and the Colonial town of St. Georges:

Hamilton's Official Town Crier:

The proximity and ease of getting there:
You can get to Bermuda in about 2 hours from most airports on the east coast, and best of all, you clear US Customs and Border Protection in Bermuda before your flight home to the US!

The island and the people there stole my heart and it will not be long before I visit again. To learn more about making Bermuda your next travel destination, contact me at Outside the Lines Travel!


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