Castaway Cay - pictures of a memorable afternoon!

In my last blog post, I shared about a special Father's Day that we we spent on Castaway Cay, Disney's private island. There was too much fun to put in one blog post, so here is part two of how we spent the rest of that very memorable Father's Day!

Walking around and taking photographs (spot the lizards in two of the pictures!):

Water playgrounds and waterslides (both waterslides are crazy fast and deep at the water entry– not for young children or the faint of heart):

Swimming, reading and soft serve ice cream:

And more banana soft serve, because why not? 

One day is not enough time to see and do everything on Castaway Cay, but that’s all you get (unless you book one of the special cruise itineraries where you stop there twice)! You can walk, rent bikes, play games (basketball, mini-golf, ping pong and a giant chess set), swim, snorkel, eat, drink, shop, dance with the characters, participate in the hermit crab race (!), or just relax. You can even mail a postcard (if it’s not a Sunday; they are closed). 

Castaway Cay is like the most perfect beach resort you can imagine, but everything is clean and safe, and so family-friendly. I did not want to leave, even after the rest of my family headed back to the ship. I knew we had until 4:30 to be back on the Dream, so I stayed. 

Even though the sky started to look like this:

Cast members put the umbrellas down:

Yes, it’s looking scary over there; I maybe should leave:

No, not yet. I have Castaway Cay all to myself!

Hmmmm, all the food is all put away:

Okay, they are ordering me to leave now:

Not raining on my walk back to the ship. Yet:

My family took these photos of the rain as they were waiting on the verandah (again – always choose a verandah if you can swing the cost!) for me to come back to the ship:

It indeed started to rain as I was walking back, and right as I hit the metal gangway, it started to lightning and thunder. Fortunately, Disney security got all the few of us very soaked late-stayers back onto the ship fairly quickly. It was a great adventure! 

In typical Disney service, the cast members on the island stood in the rain to wave good-bye to us – using their giant Mickey hands! I highly recommend a Disney Cruise experience to my Outside the Lines Travel clients, and for those who love the beach, Castaway Cay can't be beat! I'm happy to help you plan a trip ;)


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